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Welcome to Mudd Mask Inc.’s home page.  This revolutionary product will no doubt save residential electricians and contractors hundreds of hours in labor costs for decades to come.  And we all know that “Time is Money”.  The Mudd Mask is soon to become the electrician’s new best friend.

  Saves Time, Money & Aggravation


  Protects Box, Holes & Wires


  Fast, Easy & Inexpensive


  Single Product to Stock


  Improves Quality


  Won’t Damage Router Bits


Mudd Mask is simple, easy to install, and best of all very inexpensive.  Mark’s goal was to make this product commercially available to residential electricians and to provide them with this level of protection for less than $20 cost per average single family home.  Mudd Mask offers a single product to protect your single, double, triple, and quad gang molded plastic electrical boxes.  And Mudd Mask is made in America. 


Tour the Mudd Mask website and see how simple Mark’s product is to install.  No screws, Mudd Mask snaps in and snaps out.  See the incredible photo results and then read actual on the job testimonies from our customers.  Then calculate for yourself the time and money savings you and your crews will achieve for less than $20 added cost per average single family home construction.
Simple & Easy to Install

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U.S. Patent No. 7,511,218